The Importance of Competent Assessors

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Competent Assessors are essential to ensuring effective Legionella risk assessments, as they have the knowledge, skills and experience to identify and assess the potential sources of risk and implement appropriate controls. The following are some key reasons why Competent Assessors are important in relation to Legionella risk assessment.

Accurate identification of risk sources. Competent Assessors have a good understanding of the different types of water system and their potential risks, which allows them to accurately identify potential sources of Legionella risk. This is important because if any sources of risk are missed, then a risk assessment will not be effective in preventing Legionella contamination.

Assessment of risk severity. Assessors need to understand the factors that affect the severity of Legionella risk, such as the age and condition of the water system, how it is used and who uses it. Competent Assessors can use this knowledge to accurately assess the severity of the risk and therefore, the appropriate levels of control needed.

Implementation of appropriate controls. Competent Assessors have the knowledge of various control measures that can be used to manage the risk of Legionella contamination. They can advise on the appropriate controls for each particular water system and they can help ensure that the controls are implemented effectively.

And finally, legal compliance. In the UK, Legionella risk assessments are a legal requirement. If the assessment is not carried out by a Competent Assessor and there is a subsequent outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, then legal action may be taken against the person or the companies responsible for the assessment.

Overall, Competent Assessors are essential to ensuring Legionella assessments are accurate, effective and compliant with legal requirements. They help protect people from the risk of Legionnaires' disease and ensure the safety of water systems.