Management Responsibilities

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In the UK, the management of Legionella prevention is subject to various regulations, guidance and codes of practice. The management responsibility of Legionella prevention depend on the size and type of premises, but in general, they can be summarised as follows.

Risk assessment. Management is responsible for ensuring that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out to identify the potential sources of Legionella and assess the level of risk associated with each source. And risk assessment must be reviewed regularly, or when there is a change in the water system, or use of the premises.

Control measures. Management is responsible for implementing appropriate control measures to prevent or control the risk of Legionella. These measures include, but are not limited to, maintaining the water system at the appropriate temperature, preventing the water from stagnating, ensuring effective cleaning and disinfection and implementing appropriate control and testing regimes.

Competence. Management is responsible for ensuring that the personnel involved in the management and control of Legionella are competent and adequately trained. This includes the identification of key personnel responsible for managing Legionella risk and ensuring they have received the appropriate training.

Monitoring and record keeping. Management is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of control measures is monitored and recorded regularly. This includes monitoring water temperatures, flow rates and disinfection levels, as wells as carrying out regular Legionella testing. Records of the monitoring and testing results must be kept and made available to the relevant authorities on request.

And finally, communication and co-operation. Management is responsible for ensuring that all relevant parties, including employees, contractors and visitors, are informed of the potential risks associated with Legionella and the control measures that are in place. They must also co-operate with any competent authorities responsible for enforcing Legionella regulations.